Austin as Shane (

There’s been a lot of talk on our
One Life to Live message board about newcomer Austin Williams (Shane Morasco). Recently, we had a chance to chat with Austin, and we are very excited to give the fans a glimpse into the life of such a young actor, one who you’ll see is wise beyond his years!

Amy: At what age did you start pursuing a career in acting and how did the interest in the field come about?

Austin: “I did a few commercials when I was 8. Later that year I booked my first movie “The Good Shepherd,” as a young Matt Damon. I got interested in acting because my mom did commercials when she was my age and after seeing them, I wanted to be on TV, too.”

Amy: Once you received your big break how did the rehearsing affect your everyday schedule? How did you manage with school and such?

Austin: “My first lead role was as Henry Clayton in the movie Michael Clayton, when I was 9. We didn’t rehearse, because Tony Gilroy (the director) wanted the scenes to be fresh. So we went right to filming. I did a lot of filming on the weekends and during February break, so I didn’t miss too much school. When I did miss, my teacher gave me the work, and I made it up. Now on OLTL, I get my schoolwork done on set and I learn my lines at night for the next day.”

Amy: How is working in daytime different than in film?

Austin: “Working in daytime is different from film for many reasons. The biggest change is in the pacing of the filming. On OLTL, it feels like almost filming a movie a day, because there are like 100 pages of script every day. Another difference is how both are filmed. In movies, there is usually only one camera but in daytime TV, there are many cameras all going at once. Lastly, with movies, you get the script pretty far in advance, but in daytime, there are lots of lines to learn without much time to learn them.”

Amy: Is there anyone in particular from One Life to Live who took you under their wing?

Austin: “Erika Slezak has given me a lot of really good tips. She’s really nice. Everyone has been really nice.”

Amy: I have to ask… Did it feel funny to be scolded for cursing by your onscreen mom, Gigi (Farah Fath), during the scene where Shane was trying to protect her from Lee Ramsey (Hunt Block)? Did your mom get a chuckle out of it?

Austin: “It didn’t really feel funny when Farah scolded me because she is such a good actress, it felt like it was my real mom getting mad at me for cursing. My mom thinks it’s funny when Gigi scolds Shane. She thinks that Gigi is totally believable as a mom.”