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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for January 31 – February 4:

Wow, what a week in Llanview we had! With all of the lies still floating around town, each day’s episode felt as though it were a cliffhanger Friday. Let’s take a look…

Why doesn’t that sound right?
Maybe because you’re finally getting your bearings back, Marty! Out of all this time having to deal with Marty and her craziness, I have to say I enjoyed Monday’s scene with Starr and Hope. I liked how Marty started to remember and slowly regained her sanity, if you can call it that. However, the writers should have played on that more and allowed Marty to recover without taking two steps back by rushing off to John with her ramblings about Natalie and Brody. Mind your business, twit, enough is enough already. Marty has been a core character on the show over the years and this would’ve been a good opportunity for the writers to redeem her somehow. It’s safe to say that Marty has now planted a seed of doubt in John’s mind, one that he’s sure to reflect on as the truth begins to unfold next week.

Knowing what it’s like to be bullied.
If someone knows how it feels to be bullied, it’s Echo. While I don’t feel sorry for what Clint’s done to her, I do think a little more should have been done on Echo’s part when it came to finding out her grandson was being bullied. At the very least she should’ve talked to Gigi and Rex privately so they could approach the subject in a way that wouldn’t make Shane any more alienated than he already feels. If we’re to make this storyline a public service announcement, as it should be considering the huge nationwide issue this has become amongst kids, then executing it properly would go a long way.