In the world of the Internet it seems everyone has a website, blog or a MySpace. Recently, fans of One Life to Live’s super hottie Brandon Buddy (Cole) have been screaming for their favorite actor to get a website. Well fans, get your fingers ready to type the much anticipated web address you’ve all been waiting for because your wish has been granted! Brandon now has his own official website!

Brandon Buddy Online is the actor’s official website and your one stop to everything Brandon! Once there, you’ll be able to take a walk through Brandon’s life up until now, read his latest news, and most exciting of all… Brandon invites his fans to leave him a message! For those who want to own a little piece of Brandon, you can even buy t-shirts, calendars and request an autographed photo of the star!

Since coming to the show in October 2006, Brandon has created quite a following in soapland and has participated in some of the most popular soap events, such as Super Soap Weekend! While his character is currently grieving the loss of his mother, Brandon is sure to be having the time of his life as his daytime career skyrockets him into the hearts of fans everywhere! wants to say thanks to Brandon for providing us with a place to get up close and personal with you!