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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for January 17 – 21:

Before we get into my thoughts, I want to address my displeasure with ABC airing these random repeat episodes. Not only did they do it again this week, [the only good thing for me was seeing Nash] the network already has plans for its next Encore Episodes On February 11, 2011. Based on the fans’ reaction, I think it’s a way for them to cut costs and has nothing to do with fan requests. Advice to the writers? Don’t kill off fan favorites then use them as a way to lure fans into watching repeat episodes. It only pisses the majority of us off. Were you as upset as I was to have to deal with the repeat on Wednesday? Let me know through my Repeat Episode Poll then come back and take a look at how I saw Llanview this week…

I promise we’re going home.
Home to St. Ann’s that is for you, Marty! The skies have opened, hell might’ve even frozen over, and I’m a happy camper in soapland. Too bad John will probably feel guilty and end up going to visit her, which will lead to more of Marty’s ramblings about the truth. I think something Marty says will click in John’s mind and he’ll end up forcing Natalie to fess up. This is just my speculation, not a spoiler. In a perfect world, I’d like to see Marty remain in St. Ann’s until Cole’s released from Statesville, even that amount of time is too short for me. My advice for the nuns… Keep crazy Marty locked up tight and revoke all visitations for the time being.

Ouch! She attacked me!
Not only is Aubrey’s character reaching the annoying level that Stacy Morasco once possessed, she’s making Joey look even more the fool, which doesn’t bode well for his character. However, there is one thing Aubrey can’t hide and that’s her growing feelings for Joey, which became clear after Joey laid out his dream of what their life could hold. Another thing we found out this week is that Aubrey and Cutter apparently tried to pull this same scam on Ford in Venice. I’m not sure which surprised me more… The fact that Ford wasn’t the one doing the main scamming back in the day or that he’s had this inner need to become a better person for a woman before Langston. Did the writers forget that they wrote Ford to claim he’s never wanted to change for a woman other than Langston? Or was that just a ploy to get everyone all aboard the Ford brothers’ bandwagon? Just sayin’… More advice for the writers… Don’t make Ford look as though he was lying to Langston just when so many of us started believing him, which wasn’t easy!

Lover not a brother.
I loved how Kelly stood tall to Cutter and equally enjoyed Cutter knock her back down a couple of pegs with that kiss. These two have the makings for some very hot scenes. I’d like to see Cutter realize that Kelly’s wallet isn’t all that empty and maybe go after a piece of the Cramer pie. Not that I want Kelly to be taken for a ride, but anything is better than wasting this new, exciting, and did I mention hot, character on the likes of Aubrey or anything to do with Joey. Advice for Cutter? Take a walk over to La Boulaie and see what the frenemies of the Buchanans have to offer.