Happy for how long? (Soaps.com)

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for January 10 – 14:

Before I get into my thoughts, I have to say it was a nice touch watching Kelly question the familiarity of the author of that book in The Palace gift shop. Nathan Fillion, who is well-known for his past longtime role as Joey, stated back in December that he’d love to appear in Llanview and cross paths with nuJoey. I have to wonder if the jacket cover spotting of ‘the author’ is setting the stage for this to happen.

“I’m so embarrassed…”
… As you should be, Joey, for being so gullible. Remember before Joey returned I admitted I had never been a fan of the character but said I’d give nuJoey a shot? Well, I have and I still think the character is weak and unlikable. It’s about time Kelly got the ammunition she needed to blow Aubrey out of the water. Too bad she didn’t get the reaction she’d hoped for out of Joey. It was clear the poor sap had some doubts about Aubrey, even while he defended her to Kelly, but little did he know Aubrey had been getting it on with Cutter at the same time, who Joey is now to believe is Aubrey’s brother. During a live Good Morning America appearance the actor stated his character’s name was Cutter Wentworth… Was it a slip or just a way to pull off the whole brother/sister scam? I’m betting these two are married.

“My name is Dorian and I enjoy an occasional glass of wine.”
Not exactly what most say at an AA meeting but it was an admission all the same. If there’s one thing we can say about Dorian, she sure does know how to talk her way out of a hole! Though I want Echo’s lies to be revealed, I’m enjoying watching the lengths Dorian’s willing to go to in the name of preventing Viki from looking like a fool like David unintentionally reflected upon her. That’s about the only thing I’m enjoying in this storyline. I’m not feeling pulled toward Rex and Charlie as father/son, maybe it’s because I know they aren’t, and Echo, well, I’m not sure I’m invested in her either. In fact, this storyline gets a big B for boring from me.

Captured in time.
Why did Eli have the painting? The mystery will begin to unfold very soon as Cris and Blair head out on a journey to locate the artist, who’s going to be played by the one and only Ted King (Port Charles’ ex-Lorenzo/Luiz)! I’d love to dish the juicy details but I’m sworn to secrecy – for now. However, I did add a few details for those who read the spoilers. Until then, please vote in my Poll: The Painting of Blair to let me know your theories on why Eli had it in his possession.