Andrew Trischitta (A. Trischitta)

Getting to know the actor behind the recast.

Last week brought you news that Andrew Trischitta had been cast As Jack Manning and now the actor sits down for his first Daytime interview with for this quick Q&A rundown into how he landed the role, what his family thinks about his first Daytime gig and what he does for fun… How did you come about auditioning for the role of Jack?

Andrew: My manager, Colette/CP Talent Management submitted my photo and resume and we got an appointment from Julie Madison at OLTL. How did the audition go?

Andrew: When I got the audition script from OLTL, I wasn’t sure who I was auditioning for (they didn’t say it was for Jack), so I just practiced and did my best. Have you watched any past episodes of Carmen as Jack to get a feel for your character or are the writers planning to take Jack in a new direction?

Andrew: When I found out I got the part of Jack Manning, I was pretty excited. I looked up his character and I’m excited to take on the role. Can you give fans a look into what’s ahead for Jack based on the scenes you’ve already done?

Andrew: I have only taped two episodes (so far) they have been fun, stay tuned!