Courtesy of Mikey Jerome

Although we didn’t get a lot of time to get to know One Life to Live actor, and I Wanna Be a Soap Star Winner, Mikey Jerome in his role as Ted Obsourne (sidekick to Vincent Jones – Tobias Truvillion), fans had a hard time forgetting that smile and mourned his death during the “One Pure People” storyline when he was burned alive in a warehouse. However, caught up with Mikey about his time on the show, what he hopes for the future and how he feels about you, the fans!

Amy: What initially pushed you to audition for “I Wanna Be A Soap Star?”

Mikey: “I was living in upstate New York when I went to school for Physical Education. I started teaching for a while then decided to set out on my dream… I packed up and moved across the country to a little town outside of Los Angeles, California. I worked as a bartender, but took an acting class for about a month. I had the belief and wanted to be a star. While watching General Hospital with my girlfriend, I saw an ad for “I Wanna Be A Soap Star.”

Amy: Did you have any prior acting experience?

Mikey: “No, I had no acting background, but I had the power of belief and my dream. When I found out I only had a couple of months to prepare for my role on One Life To Live, I took on an acting coach to train with before leaving for New York. It was tough… I couldn’t tell anyone that I had won, or ask for any help, because I was under contract to stay quiet. It was intimidating, but I knew I needed to make the best of it and I did.”

Amy: You must have been ecstatic to win season three of the show! Did you ever imagine you’d win and be the recipient of a thirteen-week contract role on One Life to Live?”

Mikey: “It was like a dream… I had a journal filled with everything I wanted to achieve – and I really believed in all my goals. While I was in line with 2,000 people, waiting to try out for “I Wanna Be A Soap Star,” I realized I had lost my journal. But it didn’t matter… I knew what I wanted and went after it! Winning the contract with OLTL… don’t get me wrong, I was thankful, but I wanted it so bad and knew I could get it. On the show, I was living my dream and everyone around me was great.”

Amy: Fans quickly fell in love with your character Ted – and his appealing ‘bad boy’ image – and were very disappointed that he was a casualty during the “One Pure People” storyline. Did you know you were going to be killed off like this – so suddenly?

Mikey: “No… Knowing I had to work harder than all of the trained actors, I made sure I knew my lines, along with everyone else’s, but it was a lot of pressure. As soon as I got on the show, my character helped set up one of the most popular characters, Cris Vega (David Fumero), then I got beat up by him, thrown in jail then burned in a fire… I would love for the show to bring me back. I could still be that bad guy – but with likeability.”