Brother of the year? Not! (

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for January 3 – 7:

It’s a whole new year and we finally got back into a normal full week’s worth of episodes. Llanview left 2010 with a lot of dragged out storylines to be wrapped up and entered 2011 with the promise of suspense, drama and torn feelings. I just hope these storylines come to end soon, so we can have some fresh ones hit the canvas. Let’s take a look…

Have a seat… David’s back!
I loved how the writers revisited David’s hemorrhoid commercial for “Have A Seat” as a way to introduce him back into the fold. Tuesday’s episode was a treat! After that commercial circulated throughout Llanview, it had Rex feeling guilty, Gigi wondering if Rex was worried about hemorrhoids, Bo feeling disappointed in David, and Dorian sighing over what her love life has become. Brilliant! And David in the Moroccan prison talking to a chalk outline of Dorian on the wall, priceless. Clint may think he’s won this hand, but I bet David will be out soon and ready to seek revenge on those who wronged him.

Twins in unison.
Is it not bad enough that Jessica and Natalie got pregnant at the same time, and could be sharing the same baby daddy, they had to go into labor together too? Early, mind you. Well, Jessica technically didn’t go into labor but the pains she experienced led to her debating whether or not to have an emergency C-section. I’d love to blame Marty for all of this, given her impromptu arrival at John and Natalie’s wedding, but I think blame is best aimed at the writers. Enough with the wonder twin powers please.

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to the Buchanan Lodge we go!
I was happy to see Natalie bring Marty up to the Buchanan Lodge in an attempt to keep her away from John with hopes of telling him her secret herself. Too bad Marty didn’t expire from the bump on her head… Natalie could’ve buried her up on Llantano Mountain along with a few of Asa’s enemies, I’m sure! This storyline is too predictable. I can see it now… Marty is going to have to help Natalie give birth. If this happens, what a pity it’ll be that the first thing this little one sees is Marty’s crazy mug.

You promised the job wouldn’t come between us.
Okay, so now we know that Cutter and Aubrey are working a job. As to what their angle is, that’s still to be determined. After seeing a little more of Cutter, and his interactions with Aubrey, do you think he’s up to something more than even Aubrey doesn’t know about? Vote in my Poll: Thoughts On Cutter to give me your take.