Twins Share Everything, Including Baby Daddies. (ABC)

It’s hard to believe 2010 is nearing an end in Llanview. It seems like just yesterday that Jessica lost her memory, her sister Natalie hooked up with her boyfriend, and Marty was pregnant with John’s baby. A lot has gone down, and not all of it good. Here’s a rundown of my favorite and cringe-worthy OLTL moments of the year, as well as what I would like to see in 2011.

Starr-Crossed Lovers.
Surprisingly, I really loved the musical number. I don’t always love musicals, but the way this one was scripted made it work. A lot of the characters tied together nicely and we got to hear some amazing vocal talents for a nice and brief change. Also, anytime you can work Pat Benatar into a show is awesome. Starr’s version of “We Belong” was one of my favorite songs of the musical.

All’s well that ends well…or not.
The “Starr-Crossed Lovers” had a not so happy ending, as Cole was sent away to prison for murdering Eli. Starr and Cole are on my best and worst list for the year. This couple was written so up and down this year and it made it difficult to root for them. However, their good-bye was written so well that it reminded us of why we have followed this couple. Unfortunately, it was too little, too late. With Cole off in prison, I’m hoping that Starr is less of a victim in 2011.

A rose by any other name.
Sierra Rose was the catalyst for a major winter story. Stacy’s manipulations to have Rex’s child weaved a web that tangled up several major players. What I did not see coming was how the very unpopular Stacy would exit the show. Shortly after giving birth to her baby girl, Sierra Rose, a delirious Stacy drowned a grizzly death after falling into an icy pond. She left behind icy footprints, indicating a possible return. It was an amazing exit. I wish the same could have been said for Oliver and Kyle, who seemingly vanished into thin air.

You can go back to your childhood.
Jessica lost her memory…again, and reverted to being a teenager. Nothing about Jessica’s memory loss worked for me. While Bree Williamson can do no wrong for me in her acting, I wish she was given a better story to work with. Thankfully, her memory loss did not drag on all year long. Unfortunately, the paternity of her baby and Natalie’s baby did.

Who’s your daddy?.
Both Natalie and Jessica found out they were pregnant at the same time and neither knew who the father was. I felt like this story was a bit contrived, too. Twins, pregnant at the same time, with the same possible father? I’m happy that Brody turned out to be the father of Jessica’s baby. I feel bad for John, though. He really wants to be a father and I think he would be a great one. In 2011, it will be interesting to see what Natalie does and what the fallout is for all those involved. Secrets can only stay buried for so long, and it’s only a matter of time before Brody and Natalie’s one night stand finally comes out.