Breathe John, breathe! (

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for December 27 – 31:

I know, it was another short week in Llanview, but Tis the Season! It’s a good thing that there’s still plenty to reflect on before we ring in 2011. Let’s have at it…

Dad cheated on you with his assistant!
Wow, don’t hold back, Matthew! I get it that Matthew’s upset but he shouldn’t have called Bo out in front of Nora. Sure, give Bo the old, “If you don’t tell her I will,” but to go about it the way he did wasn’t cool. What was even worse, Nora immediately started making excuses for Bo and claimed Matthew needed a paddling for his attitude. It took Bo admitting the truth for her to even think that it could possibly be true. Nora is clearly devastated, and though we know Bo didn’t really sleep with Inez, I can’t blame Nora for kicking Bo to the curb. Too bad he doesn’t know what we know!

Threats, threats and more threats…
Inez needs to buck up and tell Bo the truth. I don’t care how much she wants to protect her sons or how many times Clint threatens her. Enough is enough and this storyline is getting old really fast. By now she should know Clint will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

If I talked to my parents like that I’d get slapped.
And slapped you got, Darren! Wow, Destiny has really gone over the edge. I tend to agree with Darren… I know Destiny is going through a lot right now, but if she’s to be angry with anyone it should be Greg. Sure, her grandparents lied to her all of these years but they did it out of love. Destiny doesn’t need to rush back home and is right to stay with Shaun and keep a little distance. But I think it’s time to start healing some of these wounds between her and Mr. and Mrs. Evans.