Portia Reiners (ABC)

Every soap opera fan obviously has their favorite show, along with their preferred characters. While we all look forward to watching our soaps each day, we can’t help but get upset when those we depend on for entertainment suddenly up and leave. Whether their departure is a result of an ending storyline, a controversial firing, a brief temporary return, or merely an actor’s decision to move on to something else… It’s never easy for those who are forced to accept their shows without them.

For fans of One Life to Live, Llanview, Pennsylvania is no exception. 2007 marked a big year for losses… Even writing this article, I’m amazed by just how many! While some were happy and others were sadden by those who left us, let’s honor them all by taking a walk back through the year 2007. Grab a tissue, I guarantee some will still have you sobbing, “Please bring them home!”

In the month of January 2007, fans were finally able to say farewell to the evil Dr. Spencer Truman. However, his portrayer, Paul Satterfield will always be remembered for his handsome good looks and ability to take fans on one heck of an emotional roller coaster ride! We’ll eagerly be awaiting his next project!

April of 2007 was perhaps one of the saddest months after fans were informed that longtime veteran Phil Carey would be ending his run as Llanview’s billionaire cowboy Asa Buchanan. After not being able to agree on a full-term contract renewal, the actor decided it was time to move on, which in turn caused Asa’s death. Although we were treated to a visit from Asa’s ghost thereafter, Llanview will never be the same without this Buchanan patriarch!

In the same month, April 2007, fans were teased into thinking Viki Davidson (Erika Slezak) would be getting a new love interest Dr. Douglas Kline. However, Mark LaMura’s brief appearance in the role never took Viki any further than a drunken dinner gone-bad!

Just as fans were starting to wipe away their tears and accept that Asa Buchanan wasn’t coming back, they were hit with another hard disappointment… May 2007 marked the last time we saw Evangeline Williamson as she laid in a coma, resulting from another unsettled contract negotiation between her portrayer Renee Elise Goldsberry and ABC. With the recent quick flashes of a coma-ridden Evangeline, fans still hold out hope that one day she’ll return to the show!

After months of wondering if Spencer Truman’s ex-wife Paige Miller was his murderer, fans were still left out of the loop after her portrayer Alexandra Neil made her exit in July 2007. However, the show put our minds to rest when the real killer finally surfaced, leaving fans to give Paige a respectable sendoff as she traveled across the world to conduct her civic duty helping others!

Although fans of As the World Turns were saddened when Zach Roerig left his role as Casey Hughes, they were soon excited when OLTL didn’t waste a moment picking him up for the role of Hunter. While Hunter was a key character in the disappearance of Todd Manning (Trevor St. John), in August 2007 his role sadly came to an end when the storyline soon wrapped up.