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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for December 20 – 24:

It was only a three day week in Llanview, as it will be next week too, but there were definitely some worthy scenes to discuss. Let’s take a look…

Why were you at the scene of your father’s murder?
I’m still not buying that Nate killed Eddie. We all know he was there, standing over Eddie’s lifeless body. However, I think Nate suspected one of his brothers, or even his mother, killed Eddie then took the murder weapon back to his apartment as a way to protect them. James didn’t do it. I don’t think Ford did it. Inez could’ve done it. But my bets are still on Nora being the real killer. Maybe Ford and Nate happened to see Inez at the crime scene after Nora killed Eddie? Could it be that’s why they are acting so guilty? Maybe that’s how the gun got back to Inez’s. She saw Eddie dead, thought one of her sons killed him then took the gun. Not a spoiler, just me playing “Diagnosis Murder.”

Don’t you ever tell Nora.
Speaking of Nora… What a gem Clint was to give his brother some touching advice about keeping Bo and Inez’s sex romp from Nora. Not! It’s all part of Clint’s master plan to destroy his brother and the woman who left him for Bo. When did Bo get so gullible to think that Clint really gave a damn about him or his marriage to Nora?

Please believe in me.
I can understand Todd thinking Marty somehow framed him, but for him to think she killed Eddie Ford was a bit much. Sure, Todd’s made it so Marty can’t get anywhere near Hope, but Marty’s been too preoccupied with her revenge against Natalie to even think about Todd or Hope for that matter. I liked how Todd, with Tea’s persuasion, didn’t try to hide the fact that he was a suspect in Eddie’s murder to Dani. He did what normal people do and asked her to believe in his innocence, which she did. Great stuff!

What do you want me to do? Throw you an engagement party?
Natalie begged Marty not to tell John that her baby isn’t his. At this point, Natalie’s become very desperate. Marty may have agreed not to tell John, but if Natalie’s smart she would have picked up on those keywords: Won’t. Tell. John. If only Natalie realized that Marty plans to take her secret to another source. After all, there are others in Llanview who would love to know about it: Brody and Jessica to name a few. In the end, I don’t see the paternity of Natalie’s baby being a secret much longer, and I definitely don’t see John and Natalie tying the knot before it’s exposed.