Sharon, Shelia, Farrah & Debbie

Back in October, One Life to Live actress Kassie DePaiva (Blair Manning) ran a contest to include fan appearances in the new video release of her hit single “Too Little.” Although many fans were picked, caught up with one of the lucky winners, Farrah, who was gracious enough to share her experience with us!

Wanting to know how Farrah first heard about the exciting contest, we wondered how Kassi went about recruiting fans…

“Kassie’s fan club president Tonya Wiesen told Shelia and I about it. (Shelia is the girl in the video with me.) Tonya kept after me about doing a video, so I finally did,” Farrah admitted. Shelia and I were the first to submit a video. Tonya said we were the ones who got everyone else to do a video, which made me feel good that I got other fans to take part in the making of “Too Little.” We never had so much fun making the video!”

Knowing Kassie has a worldwide spread of fans, we knew the process of getting chosen couldn’t have been easy…

“Well after the video was shot, I had to email it to Ben, who was a huge part in getting the video made,” Farrah explained. “When Ben got the video, he posted it on Kassie’s site and it was on YouTube. The fans had three weeks to make a video. When the three weeks were up, Ben and Kassie looked over everyone’s video then picked out the ones they wanted. I was so excited when Shelia and I got picked. I went down to SSW [Super Soap Weekend] and Kassie was telling everyone about how funny our video was. We also got a microphone signed by Kassie as our prize.”

How exciting it must have been for Farrah to receive the news that she was one of the lucky winners!

“I got an email from Kassie’s record label, 5-point records out of New York, telling me we had won for “Best fan created video” for “Too Little,” she divulged.