Joel and his pole! (

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for December 6 – 10:

Glad to see some went back to work this week in Llanview, others delivered news, wrong impressions and of course that loose cannon Eddie Ford tried to put the fear of God into his son and Nora. Join me while I touch base on a few things that stood out in my mind. Ready, set, go…

Getting back into the game.
I love that Rex is finally getting back to work and putting his private investigative skills to good use now that he’s not chasing his long lost parents all over Llanview and New Mexico. I was a bit surprised that it took Natalie this long to confide her dilemma in Rex. After all, Gigi’s known about it basically from the get go and Rex has always been a confidant of Natalie’s. She’s going to need all of the support she can get because I have a feeling that Marty’s conscience will soon go by the wayside and she’ll be back to plotting the next move against her rival, especially after that bitch slap Natalie gave her!

I spy someone kissing!
I’m happy that Dorian told Viki that she saw Charlie and Echo kissing. For once, Dorian had no ulterior motives, she wasn’t out to hurt Viki and really appears to be sincere with their newfound friendship. Or shall I say, understanding. We all know the niceties won’t last but I always enjoy these little spurts of civility that Viki and Dorian have shared throughout the years. Charlie had some nerve begging Viki not to throw Echo out after admitting to have kissed the mother of his non-son. Frankly, the more Charlie carries on like this, defending Echo at every turn, the more I think Viki is too damn good for him! Hell, it’s not as though Rex is a child who needs his parents to be together. Get a clue, Charlie…

Wrong impressions.
It’s clear Aubrey is really working the ‘I’m a respectable and worthy girl’ angle by initially not accepting Joey’s proposal in front of Viki and Clint. And how appropriate was it that she and Ford once had a fling? Nice believable touch! I would love to believe that the person on the other end of her mysterious calls is David, who could be trying to get back at Clint somehow. However, I have a feeling she’s been chatting it up with Cutter, who’s set to arrive in town very soon. I felt bad for Kelly who thought the ring Joey held was for her. But come on… is she really going to pull off the claim that she and Kevin are reuniting? If her having to convince Kevin to go along with her on this one will keep him onscreen a bit longer, I’m all for it. I will miss Kelly and Aubrey as new BFFs though. They had the makings for a great friendship.