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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for November 29 – December 3:

Wow, did the week start off with a bang or what? From Eddie ‘charming’ Nora to Clint backing Inez into a corner and everything that developed since! However, I want to start off on a mellow note and touch base on the newcomers in town. Let’s take a look…

The mile high club.
Boy, if only Joey had been onboard that plane back to Llanview things really would’ve started out interesting! I loved seeing Terri (Aubrey) back onscreen and was surprised how much I really responded to Joey, who’s a character I’ve never really been fond of. What’re your thoughts? Vote in my NuJoey Poll. However, Joey’s always allowed people to walk all over him. I still see that in him and worry, especially after Aubrey’s mysterious phone calls. I pray this isn’t another ‘let’s scam a Buchanan’ storyline. If it is, I’d like to see Kelly be the one to blow Aubrey’s plan out of the water.

Principal’s office in Statesville?
The way the authorities at Statesville treat in-house fighting, one would think it was ran more like a high school than a prison. Since when does the warden, or whoever, call an inmate’s mother and girlfriend to report a fight?

Deciding to wait.
I can’t tell you how happy I was that Nate and Dani decided not to have sex. Could you imagine Eddie walking in on that? He’s already creeping out half of Llanview, and I would’ve cringed had he laid eyes on Dani during such an intimate moment.

Clint’s gift that keeps on giving…
I never thought there would be a more ruthless Buchanan than Asa, but Clint’s beat him by a long shot. He’s a true master manipulator and has lined all of his ducks in a row. I think what worries me most is the fact that Clint doesn’t care what happens to those who are at the end of his revenge plot. And frankly, he’s a bit old to be acting like a wounded child. I’m irked by Inez’s decision to go along with Clint. Even though Nora doesn’t trust her, Inez could’ve went to Bo and told him the truth. He would’ve helped. Hell, he might have even convinced Nora to help Inez convince Clint she was doing what he asked. However, now that Bo made the crack about ‘not being the one who cheats’, in reference to Nora cheating on him with Sam Rappaport, I think things are really going to go downhill, not to mention that Eddie’s abducted Nora. After listening to all of Eddie’s sexual innuendos, I’m really frightened for Nora and cringe at the thought of another possible rape storyline resulting from this.

Setting the stage for a murder?
Wednesday’s episode had half of Llanview vowing to either kill or get rid of Eddie. If memory serves me correctly, this is the writers’ obvious way of setting the stage for a murder. Blah! If I was a betting woman, I’d say Eddie’s days are numbered and we’re going to be left facing months of ‘whodunit’ scenarios.