Although One Life to Live actress BethAnn Bonner landed her current contract role as Talia Sahid on December 21, 2006 after being a finalist in Season Three of
I Wanna Be A Soap Star, many fans aren’t aware of the actress’s singing background!

On the hunt for her dream, BethAnn received her degree at the Emerson Performing Arts College in Boston then headed out to California in search of the ‘promise land’ of acting. Singing since the age of two, and performing since the age of five, BethAnn stood alongside her father (a retired Air Force Band director) in many military concerts. However, at the age of fourteen, BethAnn had an inspirational CD released titled “Born of Love!”

This collection of inspiring songs was written by Doug and Peggy Bargh and delivered through BethAnn’s voice in a non-rock approach. A list of its tracks include:

1. Extend Your Hand

2. The Day the Lord has Made

3. Born of Love

4. Spread the Word

5. For the Children

6. I Took to the Skies

7. All I Need is Love

8. Learning to Grow

9. Shadow of the Cross

10. All That I Know

11. Don’t Wanna Fight Anymore

12. Time to Fly was happy to find out this little extra treat about the woman who’s brought feistiness to the Llanview PD! To learn more about BethAnn and her career, please visit her website at