Tari Signor as Margaret (ABC)

Updated on January 3, 2007:

As previously reported below, we said there was no chance of Margaret Cochran (Tari Signor) returning to disrupt Todd’s life again – because she’s dead, right? Well, think again! Word has it she’ll be making a ghostly appearance starting on January 17, 2008! Without giving too much away, you can bet that Todd will be affected by this – if not directly, through someone he loves!

Previously reported on December 7, 2007:

Although Todd Manning (Trevor St. John) is on a quest to find his newfound son Tommy, if his rapist, and mother to his son, Margaret Cochran (Tari Signor), were still alive, things could be a lot worse…

However, as every One Life to Live fan knows, there’s no chance or threat that Margaret will come back to haunt Todd once again – or have a chance to brainwash their son into thinking Todd is the monster most in Llanview depict him to be…

Because Margaret Cochran is dead!

On the other hand, her portrayer, Tari Signor, is still very much alive! Tari took over the role from Rebecca Mader in June of 2004 and spent a calm year popping on and off canvas appearing as the meek Buchanan Enterprises accountant. It wasn’t until 2005 when she landed a contract role with the show, which resulted in a year’s worth of major drama – having crowned her one character that gave Todd Manning a run for his money!