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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for October 18 – 22:

I think it’s safe to say that the days of Greg doing Eli’s dirty work are over. This week was all about shock value in Llanview. Some were back from the dead, mysterious clues from the past turned up, major admissions surfaced and… let’s just dig right into it, there’s too much to name off!

Wouldn’t want to upset your mother.
A little ‘what goes around, comes around’ reached Ford’s doorstep on Monday… If you haven’t seen Asa in Clint yet, you did this week! The entire scene when Clint had his thugs knock Ford around for what he did to Jessica was true to Asa form. Not only did Clint set out to send Ford a message, he covered his ground by not leaving any visible bruises, warned Ford not to tell Inez of his beating then grabbed Ford’s beer on the way out! One for the road! Though I don’t condone violence, and do think Ford is trying to change, it’s safe to say he had it coming. However, not so much for what he did to Jessica, because I think even at her reverted age she was old enough to make her own decisions, but for what he did to Langston, and even Hannah, prior to him bedding Clint’s daughter. At least Ford was able to keep the job Clint got back for him and has continued on his path to redemption. It gave me a major chuckle seeing the shock on Langston and Hannah’s face when Ford was claiming he wanted Hannah back in order to secretly get information on Starr. I really like that Ford, Langston and James are working this new angle together.

Nice try, Starr.
I’ll give Starr credit… It was a good idea to send the baseball-a-gram soaring through the window. But I knew the second it broke through the glass that Hannah would magically appear and gain access to it. As a mother, I cringed when crazy Hannah was holding and talking to Hope. I realize Hannah had a gun but considering how unstable she is, I might have tried to wrangle it from her. Then again, with a small child in the room, I’m not so sure it would’ve been a good idea.

I was nice to him, right?
It was nice that Todd took time out to be nice to Nate in his own little way. Hell, Todd may have even reached a milestone just by concerning himself with Nate’s feelings. I felt bad for Todd when he was talking to Tea’s ashes, promising that he would bring the girls home. If only Todd knew Tea was in need of rescuing too.

Oh my God, you where there the whole time?
Can you imagine being in Dani’s shoes? The girl has been scared out of her mind and hasn’t even really had time to grieve her mother’s death. And with Blair in the mix… She is a mother, so I can’t fault her for going behind everyone’s back in an attempt to save her kin. Remember, she thought Starr and Hope were in that warehouse too. Next week will bring us some exciting scenes involving many. However, the outcome of Eli’s reign of terror might just be too much for some to handle…