Miles, is that you? (CW/ABC)

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for October 4 – 8:

So much was revealed and happened this week that I don’t even know where to begin. I think I burnt off 500 calories just watching the back and forth scenes from Monday’s episode! Here’s what stood out for me…

When two people belong together you do what you have to.
It’s clear that there’s an underlying reason for James helping Nate and Dani. Of course he’s doing it for his brother but I think it’s also a way for him to fight for Starr without intentionally causing her anymore issues, like he basically admitted to her. I’m glad Ford didn’t turn Dani in and am extra glad he wasn’t really serious when he gave James props for scoring his brother Nate’s much younger girlfriend. I was like, “No! Ford, please don’t go there!” It wasn’t the best way to lead into his almost fatherly warning to James, but this is Ford we’re talking about. He’s still a work in progress. Anyway, how do you feel about the Ford brothers working together to help Dani? Vote in my Ford Brothers Poll to let me know. Then there are Cole’s issues with Starr being involved with James. He did make a good point about not wanting her to get arrested over this, being that she’s a mother and all. But I think Starr’s right. Cole’s issues are with James. I would almost feel compelled to side with Cole if he didn’t have a distraction of his own in the form of Hannah. At this point, I’m looking forward to the day Cole leaves Llanview. Sorry fans, the show has no intention to recast this character.

Like a tiny stick he snapped some more…
I felt sorry for Todd after he received the mysterious call from Tea. This all happened during the same time Ross was arriving to pick up Dani and I could slowly see Todd reverting into his own head. He’s reeling with pain and loss, which, like Viki said, makes Todd a very dangerous man. I think Todd could’ve used some restraint with Nate at the PD. Wait a second… Todd actually did try to plead with Nate for details on Dani’s whereabouts. When Nate stood his ground and stayed quiet, Todd began to snap… like a tiny stick, he snapped some more… This leads us to the scenes on the dock…

The end of their brotherly love.
Were any of you surprised that Eli shot Ross? I was to some extent but considering Eli is a homicidal maniac it shouldn’t have really surprised me one bit. Like I said last week, Eli is now being pushed into a corner and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants, which has apparently been all about money. Just know, he’s not giving up yet and will go to some pretty drastic lengths, yes, more than he already has, to make his escape as a rich man. Starr, Hope and Dani are clearly in trouble but there’s a neat twist that will come into play for this storyline. Stay tuned! On a side note, props to Todd for shooting Eli and bigger props to John for believing Todd’s accounts of the events. Wonders never cease.

If that man got you to do his dirty work, I think I know why.
Eli got the upper hand over Greg. I have to say I’m happy about this. Enough is enough, I want to know what Greg’s big secret is, especially now that Mrs. Evans seems to think she knows! I speculated on this before… I think Greg is Destiny’s father. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it would surely turn the Evans family upside down. More to the point, Destiny’s world would be shattered. If this is the case, I wonder who her mother is? Do you have any idea what Greg’s hiding? Vote in my What’s Greg’s Secret Poll to share your theories.