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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for September 20 – 24:

This week was so full of detail that if you even blinked you were at risk of missing something. The writing was especially fabulous and I was pleased by much of it. Other aspects, not so much. Let’s dig right in to see just exactly what I’m talking about…

Your pitching hand sucks.
I don’t know whether it’s the characters who are interacting with Ford who are making me like this guy or if it’s Ford’s sudden change in behavior. I’m going to take a chance and go with the latter. He’s been a real jerk toward Nate so it was nice to see them bond this week. I saw that big brother persona in Ford during their scene, which brings me to this theory… Yes, Ford has made a lot of mistakes, on so many levels. He’s realizing them now and owning up to the fact that he’s hurt people. He’s also admitted that just because his mother left him doesn’t mean that he has to live out this hatred toward women and life in general. I’m all for second chances, so I’m giving one to Ford. Hopefully I won’t have to eat my words! In any case, I’ve loved these new developments in this character.

Markko would’ve been proud.
How dare Langston assume Markko would be proud that she got Ford fired, by putting her tongue down his throat to execute her plan, mind you! How childish of her to even bring Markko into the mix. Ford didn’t hurt Markko, Langston did. Now that Markko is back in Llanview I hope the writers aren’t going to have him running back to Langston. I’d like to see a darker side to Markko emerge, more of a bad boy image rather than the putz who shed way too many tears over his ex and allowed the warning signs of Langston’s affair with Ford to go unnoticed.

I get it, but I hate it.
My big gold Starr [pun intended] this week has to go to James. Every time this character is onscreen I can feel his emotion. James is a no-bull kind of guy and obviously still a little boy trying to find his way out of the past that consumed him. His tearful scene with Inez that led to him desperately kissing Starr not only broke my heart, it revealed something very interesting to me. I never realized just how much I didn’t really care about Starr… now I do. She works so well with James. Finally, everything surrounding Starr isn’t about outside issues, such as Cole, Todd, being a young mother, the list goes on and on. Her interaction with James allows me to see Starr on a whole other level. Maybe it’s due to the forbidden fruit, which is James, but I’ll take it in bushels. Being a betting girl, I already have my mason jars lined up to can loads of StarrJam. Now that Marty’s taken Hannah into her home you can bet things are going to go south for Starr and Cole really quick.