Although we’re now seeing Tuc Watkins back in Llanview as the ever-so-charming David Vickers, One Life to Live has since become Tuc’s second home!

Since moving to “Desperate Housewives” Wisteria Lane in October 2007, Tuc’s character, Bob, and his better half Lee (Kevin Rahm), have fit right into the drama filled neighborhood! Though show creator Marc Cherry named the couple after ABC journalist Bob Woodruff and his wife Lee, the couple has exhibited the old ‘opposites attract’ relationship!

At every turn fans get to see the differences between Tuc’s ‘Bob’ and his lover Lee. While one likes the city, the other would rather live in suburbia, one likes to socialize but the other could do without the interaction. Basically, we’re seeing traits that are very common amid the straight couples of the neighborhood!

One thing is for sure, Tuc’s new character is nothing like his Llanview alter-ego! Trading in his conman, playboy ways, ‘Bob’ takes comfort in being Lee’s conservative husband. However, like most primetime couples, Bob and Lee have their secrets – and have already stepped on a few political toes since arriving on the scene! However, stay tuned, because the community will one day soon appreciate Bob and Lee as they help them deal with a certain neighborhood disaster.

Along with other fiction gay couples on television today, including shows such as All My Children, As the World Turns, Passions, HBO’s Six Feet Under, and The Wire, the men are enjoying their new high-profile roles – and creator Marc Cherry is looking forward to their characters growing without having the stereotypical issues looming over their heads! wants to say, “Well done, Tuc! We are very much enjoying your new role! As always, you’ve landed the part!”