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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for September 6 – 10:

It was another short week in Llanview but things tied in nicely, especially since some secrets were finally revealed! Let’s take a look at things together and please be sure to leave me your thoughts too…

We are family.
I know Kelly and Blair will never be pals but it was nice seeing them come together as cousins. Kelly was there to comfort Blair and Blair gave Kelly the closure she needed in regards to her mother’s death. Blair and Todd had their moment of support and who could forget the image of little sassy Jack comforting Dani and taking her into his arms. Say what you want about the Manning/Cramer clan but one thing’s for sure… They’re always there for each other. Let’s just hope Ross doesn’t come in and tear Dani and Todd apart. Even though I know Dani would be happy to see Ross I think she’d be a little upset if she had to leave Todd if it turns out Eli fixed it so Ross was now her legal guardian.

Please help me, Dr. Saybrooke.
Todd sought out comfort in the form of his victim. I like how the writers have maintained the relationship between Todd and Marty. They’ve been pulled together through different tragedies and anytime Todd goes to someone for help is always a plus in my book. It gives his character the depth needed to maintain Todd’s bad boy image while shedding some light on the little boy who was lost so many years ago at the hands of Peter Manning. Todd wasn’t the only one looking for something from Marty this week. It is clear that the guilt surrounding Tea is consuming Greg. I loved the look of shock when Greg walked into Tea’s Hospice room… Hang on to your hats, folks, Monday is going to bring us a big reveal!

I hope you brought me a shiny red apple!
Props to the writers for slowly redeeming Ford in my eyes. Well, redeeming may be the wrong word but the way they are making him fight for Langston, who’s standing tall against her desire for him, is great. If Ford’s conning her again he’s really going overboard trying to do it. I like the fact that Langston isn’t backing down but I bet if Ford threw in the towel and walked away from her she’d rush right after him like a little puppy dog. Oh the joys of the chase! Speaking of the chase… Cole is still trying to make things right with Starr. He’s definitely threatened by James’ presence in her life. I liked how he approached James man to man with his ‘request’. And I love how James retaliated with his own warning… for Cole to concentrate on Starr, not him, before he loses her! James may try to oblige Cole by staying away from Starr but I don’t think he’ll succeed. Nor do I want James to!