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Welcome to the “One Life in a Week” blog for August 23 – 27:

Hello soap friends! I’m filling in for Amy this week while she’s on vacation. Although impossibly big shoes to fill, I’m sharing my thoughts on the exciting and explosive week that went down in Llanview.

Here Come The Brides…Or Not!
The double wedding of Dorian and Blair was the driving story this week. I loved how this event brought together so many of the characters. Obviously, the biggest wedding story of all was Dorian getting stood up again at the altar. Poor gal! I really did feel bad for her! I have to give kudos to Robin Strasser (Dorian) for nailing her scenes this week. She showed a tremendous range of emotions. One minute she was trashing her room, the next minute sobbing on the floor and then finally, making sarcastic remarks to Viki. I also loved the scenes between Dorian and Viki this week! Dorian needed a friend, and even as Dorian briefly blamed Viki for the wedding disaster, Viki remained patient, gave Dorian a great pep-talk, and helped Dorian pull herself together. It will be interesting to see if Viki further investigates her hunch that something about David’s disappearance is amiss…

Worst Wedding Present Ever!
I knew there would be trouble when David said, “It would take someone killing me to keep me from the altar.” Well, he’s not dead, but close to it! Clint sure does hold onto grudges, doesn’t he? Throwing David into a Moroccan prison for twenty years might just be one of the worst wedding gifts ever. Clint remarked that he is his father’s son, but I think David was right when he said that even Asa wouldn’t come up with something so terrible! What do you think will happen to David? Vote in my What Will Happen To David Poll to give me your thoughts.

Building A Mystery.
The other duo in the double wedding, Blair and Eli, left in a flash for Tahiti. I was a bit surprised that Blair would agree to just drop everything to go off and marry Eli. Eli so easily plays her to abandon all of her reservations! Why wouldn’t she want her own children to be present, even if it is a small wedding? I’m still not entirely sure what Eli is up to. He mentioned Ross and how easy it is to snap. Perhaps he is trying to take Dani away from Tea for him. I’m also not sure how much Greg really knows. Is Eli blackmailing Greg? What does he have on him that would make him do something so terrible to Tea? Will Todd and Dani reach Tea in time? All questions I can’t wait to have answered!