Fans have been outraged that
One Life to Live has yet to reveal the truth to all of Llanview that David Vickers (Tuc Watkins) is really Asa Buchanan’s (Phil Carey) biological son!

Well, fans, not only are you about to get your wish, the hunky illegitimate Buchanan offspring will be returning to the show for a special reading of Asa’s will! You may also remember that the grieving ‘widow’, as she put it, Alex Olanov (Tonja Walker), overheard Nigel confide in Max of his knowledge that David is really Asa’s son. From past experience, you know Alex wasn’t going to let that piece of information stay buried – not when she could prosper from it!

So, get your calendars out and mark these dates! Although Tuc was supposed to be back in September, fans can expect him onscreen starting November 2, 2007 for a few episodes to mark his last return to the show. However, since creating the role of David in 1994, Tuc has come and gone throughout the years, so we’re hoping he’ll be back again sometime in the future!