With MySpace being the best thing to hit the Internet since Instant Messaging, we’re happy to pass the news on that
One Life to Live newcomer Justis Bolding (Sarah) now has not only one MySpace – but two!

On the tail of announcing her new
Official MySpace, Justis wants everyone to know that she also has a place set up strictly for her fans! Fans can stop on over to Justis’s Official Fan MySpace to show their support and hang out with others who admire one of the show’s great additions! You’ll also want to be on the lookout for fan club events and other new perks of being part of the club, ran by fan club president Janine!

Prior to joining the cast of OLTL in June 2007, Justis graduated from Muhlenberg College, and is also a member of the Harbor Theatre Company. Justis has been seen in numerous commercials, independent films and has been used in radio voice-overs all over the country. Most recently, she has completed a recording for the musical “Swimming Upstream.” In her spare time, Justis enjoys spending time with dogs and is an active member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.

So head on over now and check out Justis’s new corner of the web! While you’re there you might want to subscribe to her blog –
Soaps.com did!