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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for August 16 – 20:

This week left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Between Greg’s connection to Eli, the possibility that Tea isn’t sick after all and the mess that is Ford, Jessica, Brody, Natalie and John… There wasn’t too much I was happy with. However, I did find a few good points in Llanview this week…

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!
That would be Greg… This has got to be the worst storyline twist in a long time. Or could it be the most brilliant? I honestly don’t know where the writers are going with this one. First they turn Eli into a prototype of Mitch Laurence now they make Greg his accomplice? Greg was such a hated character when he first came to Llanview but fans warmed up to him… Now this? Either he’s totally off his rocker or Eli is blackmailing him with something pretty big. Either way if it turns out that Tea isn’t dying, and has been made to feel like and appear to be, someone’s going to meet their maker. Todd will make sure of it! Since Florencia Lozano Is Set To Exit things should be interesting. As I’ve said before there can only be one outcome when characters are changed for the worse before our eyes… Statesville bound, which means hasta lavista Llanview. The one good thing coming from this mess is the continual bonding between Todd and Dani.

I Believe You.
I actually felt really sorry for Hannah this week. She finally cracked under John’s pressure and confessed everything Eli’s done. Though she faked her breakdown, and had been a bit tweaked before she landed in St. Ann’s, I think there’s room for reform with this character. And if Cole finds out that she almost killed herself to protect him… that may be all it takes for a major shift to hit the Starr and Cole front and push Starr straight into James’ arms. Where she clearly wouldn’t mind being. I’m enjoying seeing this jealous streak in Starr and the way James counteracts it. There aren’t many scenes where James isn’t wearing that sexy challenging smile. Who could resist? On the other side of the coin… Cole’s defense of Hannah has surprisingly grown on me. It amazes me how quick this storyline has pulled me in the opposite direction from how I felt when it first started.