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Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for August 2 – 6:

This week was all about warnings, admissions, saving lives and even an old face from the past emerged amongst it all! Let’s take a look at where my thoughts fall into the mix…

Do You Ever Miss Your Old Face?
I enjoyed the scenes where Tea shared her past marriages to Todd with Dani and got a kick out of Dani asking Todd if he missed his old face! I also liked how they incorporated the original Todd, Roger Howarth, into the serious scenes where Tea’s memory started to fade due to the tumor. So far the way the writers are executing Tea’s illness is very realistic. I’m still wondering if they plan to kill the character off or miraculously cure her. The show is remaining hush on that one. If you think the scenes have been emotional this week next week will bring us even more.

Don’t Tell Me You Think He’s A Psycho Killer Too?
If Blair only knew just how much of a psycho killer Eli really was… Not only did Jack try to warn her, Kelly did, and John did to, but no… Blair wouldn’t listen. I don’t blame her. Hell, I still don’t want to believe Eli is the same character tons of fans fell in love with months ago. He’s also causing me to do something I never thought possible… Continue to feel sorry for the other Llanview psycho Hannah. I have to give Hannah credit for going to these lengths to protect Cole who was comfortable enough to admit to Starr that he was worried about the girl who had caused the most issues in their relationship. In the end Cole saved Hannah but I have to wonder how he really feels about her. I’d like to hear your thoughts too so please take a moment to vote in my Cole’s Feelings For Hannah Poll. Cole may not know himself how he really feels about Hannah but it was clear how he felt about James being at his apartment with Starr. Did you see the look on Cole’s face?

Evangeline Is Gone.
Cris and Layla returned with news for Llanview about Evangeline’s passing. With the file on Bennett Thompson coming into Layla’s possession and the recent attack on Cris by Eli I have to believe that Evangeline was brought back into the mix just for this storyline. With Ross coming back in the fall could it be he’s been helping Eli all along? We all know how shady Ross used to be so it’ll be interesting to see if he’s been in the loop or if he’ll be just as shocked as the rest of Llanview to find out who Eli really is. One thing’s for sure Bennett Thompson has not been deceased since 2004!