Since August 17, 2007, One Life to Live fans have been wondering, “Where is Viki and where did she go?” Well, as reported a few months back, Erika Slezak (Viki) has been on her annual vacation, which she takes every year. However, as for where her alter ego Viki has been?

Paris, of course!

Although the show has made us aware that she’s been off ‘touring Dorian’s (Robin Strasser) favorite country,’ we really have no idea what Viki has been doing – or who she’s been doing it with! Some think maybe she met up with David Vickers (Tuc Watkins), who is slated to return to Llanview for one last visit on November 2, 2007, while others think she’s off searching for her purpose in life.

I can’t reveal what she’s really been doing, but I can tell you that a new door is about to open with an exciting fresh storyline to follow! Come October 19, 2007 we’ll see Viki again – along with a little peek into what she’s been doing while gallivanting around France! I guarantee all you Viki fans out there won’t want to miss the next chapter in this veteran character’s life!

As an extra treat, the show will gain two new character’s surrounding Viki’s return! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the One Life to Live Comings and Goings page for all the latest in casting news!

To learn more about Erika and her amazing career with the show, please visit her website at Erika!