Although we watch them deliver amazing storylines on our favorite shows day in and day out, have you ever wondered what the characters are really thinking? Yes, I know, it sounds a bit strange since all soap characters are fictional, but now is your chance to get inside the head of one of Llanview’s most complex characters…
One Life to Live’s very own Jessica Buchanan Vega Brennan (Bree Williamson)!

In Jessica’s Blog Jessica’s Reflections, fans can read about Jessica’s life as Jess, her life living with Tess and all kinds of day to day dilemmas going through the mind of a character who suffers from Dissociative Personality Disorder.

While Jessica has a huge fan base, there are others who have yet to be sold on why she’s done some of the things she’s done or hurt some of the most important people in her life. Through her blog, Jessica gives you an insight into her reasoning, which ultimately explains why some of the storylines went the way they did.

So while indulging in your daily fix of One Life to Live, why not stop on over to take a peek into Jessica’s Reflections!

After the show is over, when you’re forced to head back to the ‘real’ world, invites you to visit the actress who does such an awesome job playing the role of Jessica, Bree Williamson, at her official website Bree!