Tea scolds Todd! (Soaps.com)

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for July 26 – 30:

Summer is here and Llanview has been full of surprises. Not to mention heartache, confusion and big preparations for the future. While I can’t say I’m happy about all of it I can give you my take on the goings on. Here we go!

Big Mistake, Balsom.
Good thing Eli got to Rex before the hall of records guy. The information he had would’ve blown Eli out of the water instantly. Eli bought himself some more time and I’m really surprised that he allowed Rex to live. Even though he doesn’t know Rex’s work ethics very well he knows Kelly is determined to find her mother’s killer. And won’t stop until she does. Maybe Eli simply didn’t want to leave another dead body in his wake. Speaking of putting his ducks in a row…I have to give Eli credit, he’s one smart cookie. What better way to woo a Cramer girl, especially one who felt scorned, with jewels. It’s only a matter of time before Blair finds out the truth about her knight in shining armor. How do you want it to happen? Please vote your thoughts through my Blair and Eli Poll.

Get A Room!
I wish Dorian and David would get the hell off of MyFace and get a room. These two have been in and out of the sack more times than I can count throughout the years. Along with the genuine feelings they had (have?) for each other they were at times somewhat of a fun couple to watch. This back and forth bickering like a couple of kids not so much! However, now that Clint’s thrown back into ‘the Dorian mix’ David should be full of snappy lines next week during their double date!

You’re The One Who Stole My Son’s Girlfriend…
…and stole the money that almost got her killed. Bo is always such a card. Even through his down to earth take no bull manner he’s always out to help those in need. I enjoyed his interactions with Nate and his sympathy for Inez. I’m not sure what to make of Inez. I can see she was trying to protect Nate all these years but as a mother I agree with Ford… she’s had plenty of time to reach out to him. I can honestly see why Ford acts the way he does now. I hope the pain he’s feeling enables him to change though. He was such a fun character when he first arrived in Llanview!