The past came back to haunt Cris. (

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for July 19 – 23:

Partner swapping, pregnancies and decisions… Oh my! It’s been another week in Llanview that didn’t disappoint, with a few crazy revelations thrown into the mix. Let’s take a look at how it all came across to me…

The Fab Four Is Reduced To Two And A Half.
Why two and a half and not three now that Markko’s gone? Though Langston and Starr have reconnected as Bffs I’m still not convinced that Cole and Starr are a solid two. Then with the Ford brothers thrown into the mix… I have a feeling we’re going to be looking at Cole as three’s company. And if Langston allows Ford to reposition himself, no pun intended, into her life, Cole could very well be a fifth wheel.

Sex With Me Would Be A Real Treat For You!
Not that I wanted to see David and Viki have sex, or Charlie and Dorian for that matter, but I hated it when the fun had to end. David’s dialogue had me rolling and Viki sure as heck did buck it up for the team by getting into bed with him. One thing I find hard to believe is Dorian turning Charlie down for Viki’s sake. Sorry writers, I’m not buying it one bit. Though these four have provided us with some hysterical scenes. Now that Viki and Charlie are taking off for vacation I just hope Viki convinced him to pack some of the seasonal swimwear! However, I can’t imagine Charlie looking as good in Santa Speedos and Trick or Treat undies as David! On another note Erika (Viki) usually takes some time off in the summer to go on vacation so I think this is how the show plans to work around her absence.

You’re Pregnant.
Oh how I did not want the writers to take us down this road. I really hated Jessica and Natalie’s matching dialogue split up between their separate scenes. And now both sisters are pregnant and not sure who the fathers are. Oh, the joys of Daytime! Please vote in my Dual Pregnancies Poll to let me know how you feel about this storyline. In any case my advice to both girls would be to have a private DNA test before telling John and Brody – or before making any rash decisions… Yes, Natalie, I’m talking to you! Now with Jessica spilling the news to Brody I’m not sure where this will take Natalie. Hopefully not to the nearest clinic because if John found out it would sure end any chance that these two had. I still think Natalie should have come clean with John about sleeping with Brody. I think they could have gotten past that seeing as John was still unsure where things stood with Marty. Even though he went after Natalie he did suggest to Marty that they try to make things work before she insisted on ending things.

You’re Not So Bad After All.
After months of watching Dani reject Todd her newfound admiration for him is so refreshing. Can you believe she admitted to Greg that she was her father’s daughter? Boy, Dani has come a long way! I get such a kick out of her interactions with Todd and thoroughly enjoy seeing Todd’s sensitive side where Tea and Dani are concerned. I really feel for Tea and Dani though. I could never imagine having to say goodbye to a loved one and not knowing exactly how much time I had left to do so.