Kassie (Blair) (ABC)

Recently I had the pleasure of talking to One Life to Live’s veteran actress and all-time favorite vixen Kassie DePaiva (Blair Cramer)! Sit back fans and enjoy as Kassie talks about the show, her music, and how it felt to watch her son, JQ, guest star on
All My Children – not to mention what it was like having her real life husband James DePaiva (ex-Max) back on OLTL, even if it was only briefly…

Amy: You have a huge fan base on our Soaps.com message boards. How does it feel to be one of daytime’s most popular actresses?

Kassie: I’ve been lucky to have a great character that has been popular. I’ve also been lucky to have been paired with some great actors. They bring out the best performance in me.

Amy: Blair is a character who processes so much diversity. Are you anything like the character you play? If so, in what way?

Kassie: Yes, I think I’m tough like Blair when I need be…I just don’t go around slapping people and sleeping with men to get my way. (laughs)

Amy: We’ve watched Blair and Max go through many trials and tribulations throughout the years. What was it like having your husband James (ex-Max) back to celebrate OLTL’s 10,000 episode?

Kassie: I was thrilled when I heard they were bringing back some of the fan favorites. Jimmy was indeed and still is one of OLTL’s most beloved characters and it felt right to see him back on set and back on screen.