Better friends than lovers? (

Welcome to Amy’s “One Life in a Week” for July 12 – 16:

It was another complicated, twisted week in Llanview. Emotional confrontations led to heartbreaking admissions. Major decisions were made and new connections were hard to let go of. How did you feel about the week? Let’s take a look at my point of view…

You’ve Always Wanted What Evangeline Had.
I really felt for Layla this week. Her mother claimed Layla always wanted what Evangeline had but I remember something different about this family… Mrs. Williamson always put Evangeline first and Layla second with a whole lot of belittling handed out to her youngest daughter throughout the years. In the real world a decision whether or not to take a loved one off of life support would be a devastating one to make. However we are in soap land and if I had to choose, strictly for my preference, I wouldn’t want to see Evangeline come back… Pull the plug, leave her on life support, no matter to me, as long as she doesn’t return to Llanview.

I Think Hannah’s Faking It And Eli Put Her Up To It.
Eli’s not only good, he’s damn good but I think John is better and will uncover the truth sooner or later. If I had a hundred bucks for every time someone cried insanity in Llanview I’d own the town, if not the network, by now! Hannah ranting that she ‘did it all for Cole’ was a bit off the wall. What benefit to Cole was it to push Marty down the stairs, kill her baby or almost kill Ford for that matter?

So This Is Goodbye?
Even though Langston tried to play it tough where Ford was concerned I could see she was on the verge of giving in to him and may have if Markko hadn’t appeared in the park. Guilt took over, which led to her pushing Ford away and begging Markko for another chance. In my opinion Markko is right to cut his losses and leave for UCLA. Too much damage has been done for another shot at love with Langston. For those wondering Jason Tam (Markko) isn’t leaving the show. He’s simply taking the summer off to take part in a special workshop.