One Life to Live actress Catherine Hickland (Lindsay Rappaport) always looks like a million bucks both on and off screen! Have you ever wondered what her secret is?

Cat Cosmetics!

Although spending twenty years in the acting business, Catherine, or Cat as her friends know her, took the plunge and started her own cosmetics company, which is located on Madison Avenue in New York City! Not only does Cat pride herself in looking good, she also knows one needs to feel good to make the self-satisfying package work as a whole, to which she told Soaps…

“I started my cosmetics company for fun and it has grown into the little/big company that it is today. I work hard on it, I develop all the products and oversee the running of it but depend on the wonderful people who work with me to make it the success that it is. Gillion, who is the captain of the Cat-Ship Enterprise keeps me sane, she does a wonderful job and people love her (and so do I) which makes me proud. I have gotten really good about delegating and not trying to control things every minute.”

Aside from being able to purchase all the products online that Cat has created, and uses herself, she also gives seminars twice a month on how to make the products work for each individual in order to get the full benefits from the entire Cat Cosmetics line. For those who aren’t able to attend one of the many seminars, Cat has set up a Tips and Tricks page on her website that’ll walk you through how to use the products to achieve your own personalize look!

Prior to joining the cast of One Life to Live in 1998 as vixen Lindsay Rappaport, Cat has appeared in such daytime dramas as Loving, Capital and Texas. wants to wish Cat all the success in the world!

To learn more about Cat and her extensive cosmetics line, please visit her website at Cat Cosmetics. We invite you to check out our Interview With Catherine as well!