Credit: Michael Easton (ABC)

The rumor mill is at it again! Speculation regarding (One Life to Live’s Michael Easton’s (John McBain) contract status on the show has continued to mystify many.

Rumors started with a Easton’s very public falling out with the ex-webmaster of his official website. The webmaster expressed frustration over lack of content for the site, including him being noncommittal about attending this year’s OLTL Fan Club Luncheon. (Easton was unsure of his contract status at the time.)

On his new official website he offered a statement regarding the situation: “Unfortunately, I am unable to comment on the situation at this time and truth be told no decisions have been made,” Easton stated. “I will say only that ABC has been nothing less than wonderful to me from day one, as has my entire experience been on One Life To Live”. Anybody saying anything to the contrary is simply misinformed.”

Other rumors still abound with some believing that Easton would re-emerge on General Hospital , while others think he will return to Days of Our Lives.

Since Easton’s contract is yet to be decided, can only await confirmation closer to the end of summer, as his contract expires in September.