Wes Granger (as played by Justin Paul Kahn on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Wes Granger

* Deceased - murdered.
* Served in Iraq with Brody Lovett.
* Picked Marty up on his motorcycle.
* Kept a secret about Brody.
* Let Marty live with him.

Who's played Wes Granger over the years?

Justin Paul Kahn (September 25, 2008 - February 18, 2009)

Past History

Wes appeared in Llanview in September 2008 to help his fellow Navy Seal, Brody Lovett, by pleading his case to Gigi and Rex - and begging them to drop the charges on Brody.

Finding that Llanview suited him, Wes decided to stick around to help Brody through his theory and hooked up with Marty Saybrook after she had convinced Todd to jump off The Palace roof! However, during this time, Wes was murdered by a serial killer, in his own bed, while sleeping next to Marty.

Flings and Relationships







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