Victor Lord Jr. (as played by Trevor St. John on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Victor Lord Jr.

* Helped Blair hide crimes and escape many charges.
* Accused and charged of raping Blair on New Year's Eve, but was later found innocent.
* Was set-up by Spencer Truman and arrested for the murders of Margaret Corchran and her son.
* Was executed, then brought back to life after last second proof of his innocence surfaced.
* Kidnapped Spencer Truman in an attempt to find his missing son.
* Found out after eight years he was Victor, the twin of the real Todd Manning.

Who's played Victor Lord Jr. over the years?

Trevor St. John (May 2003 - present)

Past History

After Todd was believed to be dead, a man with Walker Laurence's face returned to Llanview. It became apparent he was Todd, who'd been left for dead by Mitch and returned, after having reconstructive surgery, to reclaim his life.

Although there have been a handful of woman in and out of Todd's life, his heart has always remained with Blair. Their biggest test yet would come in 2006 when Todd and Blair were about to tie the knot for yet a fifth time! Just as Todd was heading to the church, he was shot and kidnapped by a crazed woman named Margaret Cochran. For months, she held Todd against his will making those who loved him believe that he'd abandoned them. Ironically, Margaret ended up raping Todd and became pregnant with his child. Just when Todd finally escaped Margaret's wrath, the body of Margaret and Todd's unborn child turned up dead and Todd was set-up by Spencer Truman for the crime, leaving Blair no longer able to trust Todd and helplessly falling into Spencer's arms.

Just as the last shot of Todd's lethal injection was pumped into his arm, proof came in that Todd was indeed innocent and with Blair's plea, Spencer was forced to bring Todd back from the dead. Although she's tried to prove her love repeatedly, Todd had a hard time believing in Blair after leaving him to face the death penalty. Todd would soon find out that not only did his unborn son not die, he was delivered a healthy baby and put up for adoption by Spencer Truman! It wasn't until Blair set-up Spencer, in turn proving her loyalty, that Todd finally started to drop his guard and eagerly search for his son. Todd went on to kidnap Spencer and tortured him into finally agreeing to tell Todd where his missing son was. On one condition, that Todd bring Blair to the warehouse where he'd been keeping Spencer. The plan took a turn for the worse when Blair showed up on the roof of the warehouse to find Todd and Spencer fighting and was tragically pulled over the edge by Spencer. Although Blair would turn out to be fine, Todd once again was forced to face a loss after finding out that Blair had been carrying his unborn child, which she lost due to injuries caused from the fall.

With his heart broken and a fear of Blair's non-forgiveness looming over him, Todd Manning is sure to be out for more revenge and blood than ever before! And those who cross his path better watch out!

When Todd found that Lee Ramsey was holding Marty Saybrooke, he kidnapped Marty, who had no memory of her past, and took care of her at his estate. Todd fell in love with her and planned to kidnap and raise his daughter's, as well as Marty's son's, baby. However, Todd's plans didn't work, and John McBain found Marty - and blew Todd out of the water.

Todd also had to face the death of Starr's baby, which he blamed himself for, then later found out, while kidnapped by Powell Lord, with Marty, Tea and Blair, that Jessica's baby Chloe was really Starr's - Hope!

With his grandchild back in Starr's arms, Todd had his hands full dealing with the fact that Starr wanted a future with Cole, with his new found obsession with Tea Degaldo, fighting his feelings for Blair and gaining the forgiveness of Marty all in one!

However Todd's attention ultimately turned to Tea. When he found out that Tea had a daughter, his daughter, and had kept Dani from him all of these years it looked as though he wasn't going to forgive Tea. In the end he did and worked hard to gain Dani's trust and approval - even after he shot Ross Rayburn to protect her.

Todd found out Tea was dying and begged her to tell Dani the truth. It wasn't until after Dani came to him to help her and Nate out of a bind that Tea finally told Dani the truth.

The charges were dropped against Todd for pushing Marty down the stairs and killing her unborn baby. Dani warmed up to her father. Todd still had a long road ahead of him where Starr was concerned, considering Cole almost beat him to death when he thought Todd had pushed his mother down the stairs.

Todd was devastated after Tea informed him and Dani that she wanted to die alone in Hospice. While he tried to hunt Tea down, news came that Tea wasn't sick at all and had been kidnapped by Eli, who got Greg to make it appear Tea had been dying. In the end, though everyone had been told Tea died, Todd rescued Tea who was very much alive.

Todd went back to his old ways and lashed out at Dani for having a relationship with Nate. He also wasn't too keen on Tea's new brother, Tomas, who'd arrived in town and wanted Tea to leave Todd. Todd began getting mysterious demanding phone calls then was shot outside of Rodi's.

Though Todd was in a coma for weeks, when he awoke, he pinpointed Tomas as his shooter. This led to Tomas being arrested after his prints were pulled from a syringe found in Todd's room. Immediately, Todd started receiving mysterious calls again.

The calls turned out to be connected to the past and his connection to Tomas. When a man with Todd's old face, T.M., arrived in Llanview, Todd accused him of being an imposer. While John agreed to help T.M. prove who the real Todd Manning was, Todd watched this man make his rounds and startle the people in his life. DNA tests proved that both Todds had the same DNA.

When John, Brody and Tomas found Irene Manning to be behind the goings on at the agency where Baker was from, they dragged her back to Llanview. She admitted to having had twin boys. She gave one to Peter Manning to raise, named Todd, and kept the other, named Victor Jr. After Todd was beaten to a pulp, she had him brought to her and brainwashed Victor Jr. into thinking he was Todd by making Todd replay all of the memories in his life.

On August 17, 2011 Todd found out he was really Victor, not the real Todd Manning. While trying to deal with his new identity, and the fear of losing Tea, who claimed to still love him, Victor was shot and murdered in cold-blood.

Flings and Relationships

Téa Delgado
Carol Swift
Rebecca Lewis
Margaret Cochran


Victor Lord (father - deceased)
Irene Manning (mother)
Todd 'T.M.' Manning (twin brother)
Tina Clayton Lord (sister)
Tony Lord (half-brother - deceased)
Victoria Lord (sister)
Powell Lord Sr. (uncle - deceased)
Gwendolyn Lord (aunt - deceased)
Powell Lord II (cousin)
Richard Abbott (cousin)
Brian Kendall (half-nephew)
Megan Gordon (half-niece - deceased)
Kevin Riley Buchanan Sr. (half-nephew)
Joseph Buchanan (half-nephew)
Jessica Buchanan (niece)
Natalie Buchanan (niece)
C.J. Roberts (first cousin by adoption - nephew)
Sarah Roberts (first cousin by adoption - niece)
Duke Buchanan (great-half-nephew - deceased)
Kevin Buchanan Jr. (great-half-nephew - deceased)
Megan Buchanan (great-half-niece - deceased)
Brennan Buchanan (great-half-niece)
Zane Buchanan (great-great-half-nephew)


Tommy McBain (son with Margaret Cochran 2006)


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