Stacy Morasco (as played by Crystal Hunt on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Stacy Morasco

* Worked as a stripper.
* Became pregnant with Rex Balsom's child, which she miscarried.
* Tried to pass Oliver Fish's child off as Rex's.
* Died as a result of falling through the ice on Llantano Lake.

Who's played Stacy Morasco over the years?

Crystal Hunt (February 6, 2009 - February 16, 2010)

Past History

Stacy first appeared onscreen as a Vegas stripper who followed her sister Gigi back to Llanview, while spotting her and Rex in Vegas.

Since her arrival, Stacy did what she could to steal Rex away from Gigi, who she had been obsessed with since her high school years, and even pretended to be her nephew, Shane's, bone marrow donor - when the real donor was in fact Mitch Laurence!

Stacy and Rex had a one-night stand, and though she became pregnant with his child, she miscarried, but tricked Oliver Fish into sleeping with her, which resulted in another pregnancy, one that she tried to pass off as her first one with Rex.

With the lies building up, Stacy counts on her friend, fellow stripper, Kim, to help her keep the lie going in order to ultimately land Rex - and steal him from Gigi forever! However, Stacy was kidnapped by Mitch's nurse and brought to Mitch, who planned to take her baby, so Jessica could raise his 'chosen one'.

After Mitch threw her out into the storm, once Stacy admitted she wasn't carrying Rex's baby, Gigi found her in the snow. The girls went back to Viki's cabin, where Stacy gave birth to a baby girl. Gigi left with the baby, Sierra Rose, to try to find her help, as she was turning blue, and ended up falling through the ice on Llantano Lake. Though Gigi and Sierra Rose were saved, Stacy, who followed her to the lake, was not - even though Rex jumped into the icy waters to try to save her...

Flings and Relationships

Gigi Morasco (sister)
Shane Morasco (nephew)


Miscarried her child with Rex Balsom.
Sierra Rose (daughter with Oliver Fish)


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