Shaun Evans (as played by Sean Ringgold on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Shaun Evans

* Was Vincent's Bodyguard.
* Once tried to be a go-between for Vincent and Layla.
* Informed Vincent that Vincent's property had been the target of arson.
* Has worked to protect many in Llanview.
* Dated Rachel until she left him for Greg.

Who's played Shaun Evans over the years?

Sean Ringgold (2006 - present)

Past History

A bodyguard with the build to make anyone think twice before talking, Shaun wandered into Llanview alongside Vincent Jones. Aside from Vincent's protector, Shaun is his right-hand man and most trusted friend. Since coming to town, he's visited Nash's vineyard making sure that his boss's money was being put to good use, stood in front of the police when John McBain got a little too close for Vincent's comfort, and has even tried to patch up Vincent's tarnished relationship with Layla Williamson by delivering flowers to the beautiful woman in distress.

Although Shaun rarely made his presence visible, everyone knew that if Vincent Jones was spotted alone, his bodyguard Shaun was lurking close by within earshot of his boss!

After Vincent left town, Shaun went on to work for Blair Cramer and was asked to protect the Manning children on many occasions. He fell hard for Rachel Gannon. However, when his brother Greg arrived in town, Shaun found it hard to forgive him for not having a presence in their family's life and further resented Greg after he gained Rachel's attention.

While trying to protect Starr and Hope from a big Llanview drug dealer, Serge, Shaun was shot, which left his life hanging in the balance. Greg ended up saving Shaun through a life threatening surgery, which briefly put him in a coma.

Just as Shaun and Greg began to put their differences aside, Greg got tangled up with Eli Clarke. Shaun escorted Tea Delgado to a Hospice where he believed she wanted to die alone. It came out later that Greg had been working with Eli to make Tea believe she'd been dying. Shaun demanded to know why Greg would work with Eli and was shocked to hear that Eli knew their sister Destiny was really Greg's daughter, one Greg had with one of Shaun's past girlfriends while Shaun was in jail years before!

Flings and Relationships

Rachel Gannon
Charlene (deceased)


Phelicia Evans (mother)
Richard Evans (father)
Dr. Greg Evans (brother)
Destiny Evans (niece, but believed was his sister)
Fred Wenton (grandfather)
Mrs. Wenton (grandmother)




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