Schuyler Joplin (as played by Scott Clifton on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Schuyler Joplin

* Had a drug addition.
* Mother killed herself.
* Was Starr's teacher.
* Had a crush on Gigi.

Who's played Schuyler Joplin over the years?

Scott Clifton (January 9, 2009 - April 9, 2010)

Past History

Llanview's newest faculty member appeared on the canvas on January 9, 2009. Though he and Starr Manning had a rocky start, they both shared their connection and vowed to not allow it to interfere in their student/teacher relationship.

However, after Star developed a crush on him, Schuyler had to push her away but ultimately lost his job after being accused of having an affair with his student.

Schuyler's old fling, Stacy Morasco, came to town, and though he wanted to reconnect with her, Stacy was infatuated with Rex Balsom. Schuyler ended up becoming friends with Stacy's sister, Gigi, and helped her uncover the truth - that Stacy hadn't been Shane's real donor.

Faced with a crush on Gigi, and knowing that Rex lied to her about sleeping with Stacy, Schuyler was torn with what to do with the information. He ultimately kept it a secret, as well as the fact that he was supposedly the father of Stacy's baby.

Schuyler and Gigi became an item, and it wasn't until after Stacy died when Schuyler admitted he was Sierra's father - and he'd been working with Kim and Stacy to keep it a secret. Gigi left Schuyler, and he faced a custody battle for the baby. He was also fighting to keep his job after word got out that he'd stolen a labor-inducing drug for Stacy, which he never used on her. He was relinquished of all charges and was granted temporary custody of Sierra.

When Sierra was kidnapped by Allison, Schuyler locked himself in the Statesville Infirmary with Mitch and gave him a drug to stop his heart. Once Allison arrived with Sierra, Schuyler got word that he was Mitch and Roxy's son.

Schuyler tried to leave with Sierra but Fish broke the news that he was Sierra's father. This news put Schuyler in a craze. He kidnapped Gigi and tried to force her to make love to him - so they could get back what they had. When Bo and Rex barged in to save her, Schuyler tried to shoot Rex, but Bo took the bullet for him.

Knowing he had nothing left, Schuyler took responsibility, refused to plead not guilty by reason of insanity then was sent away to Statesville.

Flings and Relationships

Mitch Laurence (father)
Roxanne Balsom (mother)




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