Sam “Tommy” Manning (Past) (as played by Jacob Cook and Luke Kendler Clodfelter on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Sam “Tommy” Manning (Past)

* Was taken away from his mother at birth.
* Lost his first adoptive parents in a tornado.
* Resided with adoptive parents Michael and Marcie McBain as Tommy McBain.
* Was later returned to his biological father Todd Manning and renamed Sam Manning.

Who's played Sam “Tommy” Manning (Past) over the years?

Jacob Cook and Luke Kendler Clodfelter (January 15, 2007 - January 8, 2010)
Daniel Oliver and Zachary Richard Frisch (2006 - January 14, 2007)

Past History

The story of baby Tommy McBain is a sad one. Born in 2006, Tommy was taken at birth by Spencer Truman from his crazed mother Margaret Cochran and given up for adoption. The son of Todd Manning, Spencer never wanted Todd to find his son, who had been conceived while Todd was being held captive and raped by Margaret.

When a tornado hit Llanview, Tommy lost the only people he knew as parents. He soon caught the eye of Michael and Marcie McBain who took an immediate liking to the boy. After months of being Tommy's foster parents, the McBain's finally were granted adoption rights and held Tommy close to their hearts. However, Todd Manning was on the hunt to find his long lost son, and Tommy's life was turned upside-down when Todd claimed the little boy as his own.

Though Marcie ran away with Tommy, she was located in Paris, Texas and forced to turn the baby over to Todd, who wasn't always the perfect parent. Months later, Blair was granted custody of Tommy, who currently lives with Blair, Starr and Jack at the mansion.

Flings and Relationships



Todd Manning (biological father)
Margaret Cochran (biological mother)
Michael McBain (ex-father by adoption)
Marcie McBain (ex-mother by adoption)
Blair Cramer McBain (custodial guardian)
John McBain (custodial guardian)
Eve McBain (grandmother by adoption)
Starr Manning (biological sister)
Jack Manning (biological brother)
Victor Lord (grandfather - deceased)
Irene Manning (grandmother)
Tina Clayton Lord (aunt)
Tony Lord (uncle - deceased)
Victoria Lord (aunt)
Powell Lord Sr. (uncle - deceased)
Gwendolyn Lord (aunt - deceased)
Powell Lord II (cousin)
Richard Abbott (cousin)
Brian Kendall (cousin)
Megan Gordon (cousin - deceased)
Kevin Riley Buchanan Sr. (cousin)
Joseph Buchanan (cousin)
Jessica Buchanan (cousin)
Natalie Buchanan (cousin)
C.J. Roberts (cousin)
Sarah Roberts (cousin)
Duke Buchanan (cousin - deceased)
Kevin Buchanan Jr. (cousin - deceased)
Megan Buchanan (cousin - deceased)
Brennan Buchanan (cousin)
Zane Buchanan (cousin)




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