Roxanne Balsom (as played by Ilene Kristen on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Roxanne Balsom

* Single.
* Resides at the Angels Square Hotel.
* Gave her son Rex to her sister-in-law to be raised.
* Once claimed to be Jessica Buchanan's birth mother.
* Had a steamy affair with Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe.
* Loves to drink and gamble.

Who's played Roxanne Balsom over the years?

Ilene Kristen (November 2001 - January 13, 2012)

Past History

Roxy came to Llanview in 2001 claiming to be Jessica Buchanan's long lost mother. Having raised Natalie, unaware that Natalie had a twin in Jessica, Roxy found out that Jessica and Natalie had been switched at birth and tried to con everyone into believing that Roxy was her mother. When it later came out that Jessica and Natalie were twins, Roxy fought hard for Natalie's affection in order to rob her of her Buchanan inheritance! After executing a few more plots to obtain Natalie Buchanan's fortune, Roxy was finally faced with jail time, which in turn led her to turn over some of her late husband's papers proving that the switching of babies Jessica and Natalie was part of a plot to bring down Victoria Lord Buchanan.

Roxy left town for a bit and ran into fellow Llanview resident Max Holden in Vegas. With Roxy's love for partying and Max's gambling addiction, Roxy got Max plastered and the two married under the influence! With each day they spent back in Llanview, Max's disdain for Roxy grew ten times over. It wasn't until Roxy had been kidnapped and held hostage by Alison Perkins that Max turned his head and came up with a plan to divorce her for abandonment. However, Roxy escaped the holds of a crazy woman and showed up in court just in time and exposed Max's plan! When the judge gave Roxy the opportunity to divorce Max and take everything he owned, Roxy's love for the man won over and she refused the deal! Her love for Max would lead him into trying to pull the wool over Roxy's eye many times after that until finally she gave in and divorced him.

Although she continues to enjoy the racetracks and any beverage with a little zing to it, Roxy has made an honorable home in Llanview where she runs Foxy Roxy's Hair Haven and the Angels Square Hotel and persists to humor many with her kindhearted wit!

In 2009, Roxy struggled to hide the identity of Rex's father, who was in a special care facility. Roxy managed to save Shane, through a scheme with Stacy Morasco, by obtaining the bone marrow of this man, and was doing her best to keep the secret hidden.

However, though it was revealed that Mitch Laurence was the man in the facility Allison broke the news to Roxy that Rex wasn't her son. In fact, Schuyler Joplin was the baby Roxy delivered, one Allison switched with Rex.

Roxy supported Schuyler, as he was taken away to prison and remained close with Natalie, Rex and Shane.

Flings and Relationships




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