Ron Walsh (as played by Tim Adams on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Ron Walsh

* Once dated Natalie Buchanan.
* Was suspected of being the music box killer.
* Worked in construction.

Who's played Ron Walsh over the years?

Tim Adams - (2003-2004, 2005, October 2007 - October 19 2007)

Past History

During Ron's brief stay in Llanview back in 2003, he was a rock for his sister Marcie and a friend to many. While working in construction in Llanview, Ron sought out a relationship with Natalie Buchanan, only to find out Natalie was using him to make John McBain jealous.

During the time when the Music Box Killer was tearing through the residents of Llanview, Ron was one of many who were suspected as the culprit, which later turned out to be a professor from the university!

After leaving Llanview in 2004, Ron made a brief return a year later to help Marcie and his brother Eric break the news to their father that Eric was gay.

However, in 2007, Ron was put in a tough predicament when Marcie reached out to him for help in eluding the law after she ran away with her adoptive son Tommy! After Marcie was found, Ron said his goodbyes and the two again went about their own lives.

Flings and Relationships

Natalie Buchanan (briefly dated)


Charlie Walsh (father)
Marcie Walsh McBain (sister)
Eric Walsh (brother)
Jerry Walsh (brother)
Janie (cousin)
Thomas John McBain (nephew by adoption)




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