RJ Gannon (as played by Timothy D. Stickney on One Life To Live)

Useful information about RJ Gannon

* Single.
* Loan shark.
* Served nine years in prison for aggravated assault and armed robbery.
* Kidnapped Max and Luna's twins.
* Used to Hijack trucks and sell the cargo.
* Helped Lindsay Rappaport escape from jail.
* Tried to frame Antonio for Keri's accident by hiding the suicide note.
* Cut the breaks in Cris Vega's car causing him to hurt his 'painting' hand in an accident.
* Used to own Capricorn night club.
* Tried to get custody of Jamie from Antonio.

Who's played RJ Gannon over the years?

Timothy D. Stickney (1994 - April 28, 2009)

Past History

In 1994, after serving nine years in prison for aggravated assault, Randall James Gannon was released but in no hurry to come back to Llanview. Still bitter over the fact that his older brother Hank's wife Nora lost the case for him, RJ set off for Atlantic City to try his hand at loan-sharking.

Under a fake name, Jimmy Glover, RJ preyed on Max Holden's gambling addiction and acted as though he were a friend out to lend him a buck. It wasn't until Max lost every penny that RJ's identity as a loan-shark was known, making Max pay his debt back with a high interest! And when Max kept coming up short, RJ kidnapped his twin babies to show him he meant business!

After following Max back to Llanview, RJ stooped to an all time low when he tried to ruin his brother's law career by doctoring a tape implying that Hank stood by watching as a murder was going down. He even went so far as to use the tape to get Hank's wife to sleep with him in order to save her husband's reputation. However, RJ's plan was halted when he was picked up and arrested on a misdemeanor charge giving Bo Buchanan ample time to locate the real tape proving that Hank did no wrong.

RJ soon wanted more out of life and tried to go straight after falling for Jacara Principal. Together they opened up Club Indigo, but neither their venture nor relationship lasted long after Jacara found out about RJ's shady past dealings.

Many people rubbed RJ the wrong way, but his hatred for Todd Manning went deep! RJ fell hard for Todd's ex-wife Tea Delgado. After Todd convinced Tea to leave town and runaway with him, RJ was out for blood! When Todd returned to Llanview months later, RJ kidnapped Todd and left him to stew alone with a bomb strapped around his middle! It would turnout that the bomb was fake, but the message sent was very clear! Not seeing the worth of walking the straight and narrow, RJ opened the Break Bar to disguise his latest dealings: fake IDs, hijacking trucks and selling the cargo.

Unfortunately, just when RJ was ready to take another crack at being a trustworthy citizen, he was faced with the devastating loss after his daughter Keri jumped from a second story balcony to her death. RJ blamed Antonio Vega, Keri's fiance, and fought him tooth and nail for custody of Keri and Antonio's daughter Jamie. In the end, RJ lost that battle, too.

Currently, the grandfather in RJ has kept him out of trouble and has been in and out of Llanview. He returned in April of 2008.

Flings and Relationships

Janine Gannon (mother - deceased)
Hank Gannon (brother)
Rachel Gannon (niece)


Keri Reynolds (daughter with Liz - deceased)
Jamie Vega (granddaughter)


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