Ray Montez (as played by A. Martinez on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Ray Montez

* Langston Wilde's long lost uncle.
* Spent time in a Colombian prison.

Who's played Ray Montez over the years?

A Martinez (September 10, 2008 - June 10, 2009)

Past History

Ray is the long lost uncle of Langston Wilde. He was first approached by Jared Banks in a Colombian prison - and shown a picture of his niece.

After coming to town, Ray was faced with his ex-wife Vanessa and daughter Lola and uncovered the fact that Vanessa brainwashed Lola into having him sent to prison. Once Vanessa was extradited, Ray and Lola worked on their relationship - and Ray became very fond of Dorian Lord, who later reciprocated his feelings.

However, after the truth came out that Lola had killed her mother, she was sent to St. Ann's then Ray had her transferred to a special care facility and left Llanview for good - breaking Dorian's heart.

Flings and Relationships

Linda Montez Wilde (sister - deceased)
Langston Wilde (niece)


Lola Montez (daughter)


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