Rama Patel (as played by Shenaz Treasury on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Rama Patel

* Didn't tell anyone that her husband switched the Buchanan babies' DNA results.
* Was able to stay at the Buchanan Mansion by blackmailing Cutter Wentworth.
* Later moved back into the Buchanan Mansion by blackmailing Aubrey Wentworth.
* Pretended she was pregnant.

Who's played Rama Patel over the years?

Shenaz Treasury (January 20, 2011 - present)

Past History

Rama Patel arrived in Llanview in 2011 and found her husband Vimal had helped Clint Buchanan by switching DNA tests. Though Vimal wanted to resign from Buchanan Industries Rama urged him to blackmail Clint into a higher position and later to reveal the DNA switch, which fractured Clint's family. When Rama's friend Aubrey, who was after the Buchanan fortune and promised Rama a cut, warned they'd get nothing if Clint went to jail, Rama convinced Vimel to confess to the crime. This took a little doing, so Rama told Vimel she was pregnant and therefore they needed Clint and his money for their child.

With Vimel in jail, Rama blackmailed Cutter and Aubrey into letting her move into the Buchanan Mansion. Rama and Cristian Vega grew close and kissed. Vimel, who'd been released after Clint confessed, witnessed the kiss. Cristian played along as Rama claimed Cris had come on to her. Aubrey wasn't such a good friend… Once Joey Buchanan realized Aubrey had been scamming him she revealed to Vimal that Rama wasn't pregnant. Vimal walked away from Rama.

Vimal got a job at The Sun and was forced to go along with Rama's fake pregnancy when his parents arrived from India. They soon found out Rama wasn't pregnant after Robert Ford accidentally poked Rama's water-ballooned pregnant belly. Vimal's mother realized how much her son loved Rama and urged him to reconcile with his wife.

Flings and Relationships

Vimal Patel
Cristian Vega (kissed)






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