Paige Miller (as played by Alexandra Neil on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Paige Miller

* Was in a relationship with Bo Buchanan.
* Lied to Bo about being married to Spencer.
* Was said to have operated on Thomas McBain while drunk causing his death, but later found out she didn't do it.
* Gave her son up for adoption at birth.
* Later found out that Hugh Hughes was her son.
* Thought Hugh was alive in a burn unit when really it was John McBain.

Who's played Paige Miller over the years?

Alexandra Neil (Jan. 2006 - July 27, 2007)
Cady Huffman (Aug. 2005 - Jan. 2006)
Kimberlin Brown (Oct. 2004 - June 2005)

Past History

Paige Miller was brought to Llanview in 2004 to take care of Asa Buchanan. Shortly after, Paige and Asa's son Bo fell in love and lived what seemed to be a normal life. She went on to get a job as a doctor at the Llanview Hospital, moved in with Bo and became very close with his son Matthew. Just when Paige had everything she ever wanted, her ex-husband, Spencer Truman, came to town and took a job at the same hospital.

Spencer began to blackmail Paige threatening to tell Bo that she once killed a man after operating while under the influence of alcohol. Not wanting to lose Bo or her medical license, Paige did Spencer's dirty deeds. To further dig herself in a hole, Paige helped Spencer deliver Margaret Cochran's baby and kept the secret that Margaret was alive while Todd Manning awaited the death penalty for the killing of Margaret and his unborn child!

When the truth was revealed that Paige had been blackmailed for her past crime, it took Bo a long time to forgive her. It was later proven that Spencer had set Paige up and she hadn't committed the crime after all! With time came understanding and Bo and Paige began to repair their tarnished relationship. Not wanting to keep anything more from Bo, Paige asked him to help her find the baby she gave up for adoption at birth. Rex Balsom found Paige's son who turned out to be Hugh Hughes.

With her life back on track, Paige's world was again turned upside down. After Hugh was involved in a massive car accident, Paige sat at his bedside day after day looking forward to getting to know the son she gave up. However, it was revealed that the man underneath the bandages was not Hugh, but rather John McBain leaving Paige to grieve the lose of her son forever.

Paige had her medical license reinstated and was putting in lots of hours at Llanview hospital until she decided to go overseas to help with Doctors Without Borders - leaving Llanview and Bo behind.

Flings and Relationships



Hugh Hughes (son with Spencer Truman - deceased)


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