Oliver Fish (as played by Scott Evans on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Oliver Fish

* Worked at Cherryvale PD.
* Transferred to Llanview PD.
* Helped John McBain on the Llanview Slasher case.
* Fell hard for Stacey Morasco.

Who's played Oliver Fish over the years?

Scott Evans (2008 - April 12, 2010)

Past History

Oliver Fish first came on the scene when Talia was sent to work at the Cherryvale PD. Someone who was first looked at as a computer geek, Oliver transferred to the Llanview PD and gained the respect of his fellow officers.

During the 2009 Go Red Ball, Oliver hoped to gain the company of Layla Williamson but ended up being seduced by Stacey Morasco! Though Oliver fell head over heels in love with Stacey, she broke his heart and left him damaged by love.

John McBain turned to Oliver while on the hunt to uncover the Llanview Slasher, leaving Oliver to lend a hand any way he could - while staying on the legal end of things.

However, after running into his old frat buddy, Kyle Lewis, it appears Oliver has a secret - one he seems to be covering up by dating Layla Williamson. It came out months later that Fish and Kyle had been a secret couple in college.

Over months of fighting his feelings, and even sleeping with Stacy Morasco, Fish finally accepted and was proud to be a gay man. He even stood up for his rights during a press conference during Dorian's mayoral campaign.

It later came to light that Kyle was the father of Stacy's baby. Though he had mixed feelings about claiming and raising Sierra Rose after Stacy's death, Fish went to court and Gigi dropped her custody suit against him. He and Kyle planned to raise little Sierra together.

Flings and Relationships

Kyle Lewis
Layla Williamson (crush)
Stacey Morasco (one night stand)


George Fish (father)
Barbara Fish (mother)


Sierra Rose (daughter with Stacy Morasco)


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