Nora Hanen Buchanan (as played by Hillary B. Smith on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Nora Hanen Buchanan

* Resides at the loft with Matthew and Bo.
* Killed Colin MacIver in self defense.
* Took her daughter on the run after she admitted to killing Georgie.
* Overcame blindness.
* Survived a stroke.
* Had her memory erased by Lindsay Rappaport.
* Married DA Daniel Colson, not knowing that he was gay and a serial killer.
* Was in a coma for months in 2006.

Who's played Nora Hanen Buchanan over the years?

Hillary B. Smith (1992 - present)
Felicity LaFortune (2000 - temporary recast)

Past History

After growing up in a ritzy Chicago suburb, Nora Hanen went on to get her law degree at Midwestern College where she met her first husband Hank Gannon. During college, unbeknownst to Hank, Nora had an affair with his brother RJ. After the birth of their daughter, Nora and Hank's marriage dwindled and they divorced five years later.

Nora Hanen, moved to Llanview in 1992 where she would meet, fall in love, move in with and become engaged to Bo Buchanan. The following year, Nora suffered from a brain tumor and underwent surgery that left her temporarily blind. While recovering in her beach house, a disgruntled past client, Todd Manning, terrorized Nora and attempted to rape her. However, she was able to distract him with a hard blow to the head just as Bo came to the rescue! Nora underwent another surgery and her eyesight was restored.

Nora and Bo rocked Llanview with their wedding of the century in which Little Richard performed! This would mark the beginning of the couple's love for dance and Bo and Nora went on to enter and win many dance competitions. Their happiness would come to an end with the death of Bo's son Drew. Desperate to save Bo from the emotional loss, and the fact that he could no longer have children, Nora slept with Sam Rappaport and conceived a child to pass off as Bo's. Not long after, Nora's enemy, Lindsay Rappaport, told Bo Nora's secret and their marriage came to an end.

After Nora gave birth to Matthew, she and Sam tried to form a family, but Nora's heart was still with Bo. Later, Nora would get the shock of her life after finding out that Lindsay had paid someone to switch Bo's test results! Worse yet, when she broke the news to Sam, he already knew! On Bo's way to the alter with Lindsay, Nora broke up their wedding and told Bo that Lindsay had tampered with his test results, not realizing that Lindsay was pregnant with Bo's baby. Bo called off his wedding and Lindsay ended up having a miscarriage.

While traveling with a prisoner on a train to Statesville, Nora begged for Bo's forgiveness. However he refused. When the train derailed, Bo was left with regrets when Nora was unfound and presumed dead. Little did anyone know, Nora had been rescued by Lindsay's ex-brother-in-law Colin MacIver. Nora once again became a victim to another one of Lindsay's scams after she convinced Colin to hold Nora hostage! Not knowing what she would use it for, RJ sold Lindsay a mind erasing drug and Lindsay wiped away Nora's memory!

Todd Manning stumbled upon Colin's house, saved Nora and bought her back to Llanview. However, the last Nora remembered was that she was married to Hank! Nora was given the proper care and a reversal drug was used to bring her memories back, except for the last three years. Wanting to prove Lindsay's involvement, Nora spent time with Colin until he tried raping her forcing Nora to push him down the stairs to his death.

Nora thought she'd seen a ghost when Colin's twin, Troy, arrived in town. However, after he saved Matthew from a rare disease, Nora was grateful. Troy also helped Nora prove that Lindsay was behind her kidnapping, in turn putting Lindsay in a rage. Thinking she was shooting Troy, Lindsay put a bullet in Sam and killed him! After Sam's death, Nora read a letter left in Sam's will stating that Matthew had been Bo's son all along! Allowing Bo and Matthew to bond, Nora threw herself into the case of the Music Box Killer. Being a main suspect, Troy kidnapped Matthew in order to make Nora believe he wasn't the killer. In the end, Matthew was returned unharmed.

Nora's biggest mistake would come after marrying DA Daniel Colson not realizing he was a gay serial killer! Although Bo and Nora have always had a connection, remarriage never came. Shortly after, Nora suffered a stroke and spent months in a coma. In April of 2006, she finally came to and has been working diligently to regain her strength, her life and keep the ones she loves close to her heart!

However, after the death and return of her friend Marty Thornhart, Nora took in Cole and Marty, stood by the Buchanan's after the death of Asa, and is now facing her biggest challenge... Dealing with the fact that her son Matthew is paralyzed - after being in a car accident with an impaired Cole, as well as her resurfacing feelings for Bo, especially since she was set to marry his brother Clint!

Nora and Bo couldn't ignore their feelings and decided to tell Clint the truth, who was told by Neval - posing as Nigel! Bo and Nora later married.

Their next bout of troubles came when Inez Salinger started working for Bo. Nora was jealous over their relationship and accused Inez of wanting her husband. Bo insisted he was only trying to help Inez ward off her abusive estranged husband Eddie, who disgusted Nora with his sexual innuendos toward her.

Nora was kidnapped by Eddie and held in a motel room. Eddie sent Bo text messages to imply Nora had left town and that she wanted him to sleep with Inez. Rex saved Nora then the two got in a car accident. Nora went missing for some time then later found out Eddie had been murdered. She slowly started to remember going back to the Minute Man Motel and seeing Clint, who had been arrested for the murder.

Flings and Relationships

Clint Buchanan
Sam Rappaport
Troy MacIver


Lenny Hanen (father)
Selma Hanen (mother)
Susannah Hanen (sister)


Mathew Buchanan (son with Bo Buchanan)
Rachel Gannon (daughter with Hank)


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