Noelle Ortiz Stubbs (as played by January LaVoy on One Life To Live)

Useful information about Noelle Ortiz Stubbs

* Works as a waitress at the Bon Jour Cafe.
* Married to Moe Stubbs.
* Known for her award winning pies.
* Best friends to Gigi Morasco and Viki Banks.

Who's played Noelle Ortiz Stubbs over the years?

January LaVoy (October 22, 2007 - December 28 2009; December 6, 7 and 20)

Past History

Noelle appeared on the scene during Viki Davidson's soul searching expedition to Paris, Texas. A waitress at the Bonjour Cafe, Noelle befriended Viki, helped Marcie McBain during her run from the law, and was always a good friend to Gigi Morasco.

While Noelle and her boss Moe, the cafe's owner, argued over the annual pie bake off, Noelle not only won his heart with her pecan pie but Moe proposed to her - and Noelle accepted!

During Thanksgiving of 2008, Noelle accompanied Moe to Llanview to surprise her old friends, Viki and Gigi, and made a few more trips to Llanview after that and helped out at the Llanview diner.

Flings and Relationships





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